Long Island Ice Cream Tour

Back in the mid-1980s, two important events occurred:

  1. Jeff Noreman stumbled upon various ice cream places on Long Island. He realized quite a few of them made the ice cream on the premises — what we consider to be homemade (not blended elsewhere in a factory and shipped in). Soon, he took a friend out on a sunny day to explore the variety of delicious homemade ice cream. He has taken other friends on the adventure scattered throughout the years since then, but not annually.
  2. Derek Steen was born.

In 2011, Jeff blended his knowledge of homemade ice cream on Long Island with Derek’s sherbet-filled sense of adventure, and — together — they created the Long Island Ice Cream Tour. This first year they had just a few close friends and family. In 2012, that doubled to almost 20 people, and they were featured in Newsday (Long Island’s largest newspaper). In 2015, LIICT first publicized their event using Meetup.

LIICT is open to ice cream lovers who want an exciting event filled with lots of ice cream, gelato, custard, a day of driving, meeting new friends, and lots of fun.